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If you believe the buzz about millennials—the group of people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century—you've probably heard the statement that we're the generation that ruined dating.Supposedly, we're constantly buried in our apps, we barely interact in person, and when we do, it's just for casual hookups.Happy Family Marriage agency is a professional marriage agency, specially created to meet the needs of the foreign gentlemen seeking a partner from Ukraine.We would like to let you know that our agency cares for its reputation.that the pair looked “cozy, laughing, and affectionate” on their quiet evening out. That is, until Tuesday night when Johnson was spotted supporting Coldplay (and we presume Martin himself) at a concert in Argentina. After all, it was their first public outing, and for the last few weeks, all has remained mum on the romantic front.Hell, we've even been credited with ushering in an actual dating apocalypse.But is there evidence to support these ideas, or have they just been drilled into us by the media?

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According to , Johnson stayed in the booth and swayed with the music for the entire concert.But the claim that it just doesn't work is not.3. Compared with our parents' generation, we're 51 percent more likely to be totally uninterested in sex.(Confirming that finding, a study published last year found that people in their twenties and early thirties have less sex than baby boomers and Gen Xers.) We're also, for whatever reason, 66 percent less into oral than other generations.This is especially true for millennials: Fifty-seven percent more millennials than people of other generations have created profiles, and 75 percent more than baby boomers have gone out with someone they met online. Just in case you hadn't noticed , Ukraine is simply brimming with beautiful ladies!

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